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Customer Persona Creator

Before you can really sell something, you have to know who you’re selling it to. 

By creating a Buyer Persona for your ideal customer, you can better get into their shoes in order to understand their pains, wants, and desires. This helps you know how to best talk to visitors in order to turn them into customers. 

Once you start seeing your customers as real people with real needs, you can start speaking to those needs through your product and your advertising/copy/pitches.

At Enotto, we’re happy to provide you with a quick and easy tool that will help you rapidly generate a buyer persona so that you can figure out who you’re talking to and how your business can help them.

The key here is to have in mind your IDEAL customer. That means a hyper-focused, one-of-a-kind person who will perfectly have their needs met by your business. Don’t worry about creating a persona that encompasses a general customer. Who is your ideal customer?

All information you provide in this questionnaire will be treated as strictly confidential information and will not be shared with any party outside of our company. It's what we'd want, so it's what we do.
Once you complete your questionnaire, we'll send your buyer persona over via email. After that, you get just two more emails from us. One asking if you need any help understanding the buyer persona and a second one to solicit your feedback if the tool was helpful and what can we do to make it better. You're welcome to unsubscribe from those two emails at any time.