Digital Marketing Roadmapping

Your Digital Marketing Roadmap lays out what needs to be done, the expected value of the task and the expected cost of the task.

Why do a Digital Marketing Roadmapping Session?

After a Digital Marketing Roadmapping Session with us, you’ll have an executable document that lays out what needs to be done, the expected value of the task and the expected cost of the task.


One of the biggest takeaways is a clear sense of direction for you and your business. If you feel like you’re working on a dozen different things but nothing seems to go past 90% completion, this is a way to focus attention on what matters and will move the needle for your company.

What will I get in my Roadmap?

Here are the things you will see on your roadmap:

Inbound Marketing

  • High-level audit of current onsite SEO 
  • Breakdown of what SEO tasks need to be done
  • Framework for a link-building campaign to increase ranking on Google
  • Content framework for articles/webpages

Automated Marketing

  • Suggested implementation tactic for a 'Review Us' campaign
  • Three suggestions of 'drip marketing' email campaigns
  • Identification of email service provider (ESP) that best fits your goals

Website Optimization

  • Suggested website optimizations to increase conversions
  • Review of onsite copy to ensure you address the 'job' your customers 'hire' you for
  • Suggestions for 'lead magnets' (if they're right for your goals)

Social Media

  • Review of what social media channels are right for your business 
  • Suggested methods of interactions on social media to grow your business 
  • Suggested tools to help you manage your multiple social media channels

Digital Advertising

  • Review of current online advertising
  • Suggested improvements to increase click-through rates and conversion of current ads
  • Suggested digital advertising framework for future advertising
  • Suggested advertising channels to maximize ROI

What does a Roadmapping Session cost?

$500 for a four-hour Roadmapping Session.

That price includes the extensive research we do before our session, the session itself, and a detailed 15+ page Digital Marketing Roadmap that is yours to keep and do with as you see fit.

What if I don't feel like I got $500 worth?

Then we’ll refund your money. 100% of it.

We just ask you to help us understand where we went wrong that you didn’t get as much value out of the Roadmapping as all of our other clients. We don’t take it lightly when we don’t add value to people’s lives and businesses.

OK, what's the next step?

If you would like to schedule a road mapping session, the first step is to schedule a high-level discovery call with me. 
On that call (20 - 30 minutes) I'll get a better idea of what you're currently doing in regards to online marketing for your business and what your goals are. This helps me come fully prepared to our Roadmapping Session
At the end of that call, we'll schedule the in-person four-hour Roadmapping Session.
After the Session, I'll compile your Digital Marketing Roadmap report and deliver it to you in about 5 - 7 business days.
How does that sound to you?