In-Depth SEO Audit


We’ll scan your website just like a search engine would in order to analyze and report on any abnormalities that are affecting your ability to rank well. You’ll get a 12+ page report of our findings, a “keyword pack” and a “punch list” of recommended actions.


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What good does an in-depth SEO audit do? Well, it serves as a guide when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines.

We’re happy to provide you with that guide to get you to better SEO!

Order an in-depth SEO audit from us and we’ll delve deep into the structure of your website in order to figure out what aspects of it are holding you back from getting more search traffic.

At the end of our audit, you’ll get a 12+ page report filled with our findings. In this report, you’ll also get a “punch list” of tasks to complete in order to maximize the “search friendliness” of your site and a “keyword pack” that provides the top 20 keywords we recommend you target.

Not sure what you’d do with such a report? Well, you’ve got a number of options.

  1. Do the work yourself
  2. Give the report to an employee to implement
  3. Hire Enotto to implement (hiya!)
  4. Throw it away

If you seriously throw the report away after we provide it, please let us know and we’ll refund your money. While it takes us hours to compile the report, we don’t want you to feel like you wasted your money.

When you get your report and you decide to hire us to implement your findings, we’ll credit back 50% of the audit cost if you sign up for our Managed SEO Service. It just seems fair, doesn’t it?

So, why should you not get an SEO audit done?

If you know you’re just going to shelve the report for 6+ months, we recommend holding off on getting an audit done. While they may seem static, many websites tend to change over time. People add content, adjust copy, add new plugins and more. You want to have an audit done as close to when you think you’ll be able to take action from the findings.

In case you were wondering, our average lead time for producing one of our in-depth audits is about 2 weeks. If you have questions, just email us at [email protected] today.