Marketing Strategy

The 4 Questions All Marketing Efforts Should Have an Answer For

All marketing efforts and strategies should have a researched answer for three out of four of these questions:

• Is it scalable?
• What will it cost in order to get the results you want?
• Is it targeting the right audience for your organization (i.e. people who will buy)?
• How likely is it that the audience you’re targeting will convert?

Let’s quickly break down those questions.

Quick 5 Step Checklist For Better Email Marketing

Email is an amazing source for sales and leads. With a good email campaign in place, you can see up to 150% better conversion rates than regular search traffic. With tapping into this channel, it’s important you’re delivering a product to your readers that is value-adding and gets them to click through, engage, or convert for you. Here is a simple checklist to make sure you’re producing the best emails you can…

How Many Qualified Leads Will I Get?

You should always ask yourself this question with any marketing effort. If you do that, you will likely always make the right decisions with your marketing.

If you or the party that’s working to persuade you to invest in a marketing tactic can’t answer this question, then you should opt to decide “no.”

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