The Advantage of Automation

Sometimes folks have trepidation when it comes to setting up an automated email campaign. For some, they worry the email might seem like spam; to others, they think setting up a campaign will be too hard or technical.

The truth is, a good email automation series actually adds value to your subscribers (in fact, they’ll welcome it). Also, the barriers to creating a powerful campaign have been significantly reduced over the past five years.

Think of automation as another salesperson for you. One who works every day, all day and for fractions of a penny on the dollar. If you want your business to stay as tight as possible and not have additional personnel you may not fully need, then automation is the way to get results. A well designed automated series can boost your orders per email by up to 37x versus a simple bulk blast email.

Email automation is your salesperson who doesn’t sleep, eat, call in sick, or accidentaly swear in front of a key customer (unless you want them to, of course).

Unlike a normal salesperson, automated campaigns don’t forget. That means they deliver consistently and exactly when you need them to, every single time. How much better would you sleep if you didn’t have to constantly think “Crap, I’ve got to remember to grind my customer data and then queue up the emails I need to send ASAP”?

A good email automation does the follow up for you, so none of your customers or leads fall through the cracks. It’s kind of like having a superpower.

Don’t worry about being stuck once you’ve created your automated email series, everything is flexible. In fact, the ability to adjust, test, and measure are one of the best things about an automated campaign since you’ll know exactly what you tweaked and what effect that had on your business.

With a measured automated campaign, you’ll know what’s working with your leads/customers. That means you’ll get clear direction of what you should do more of.

The ability to measure results with an email campaign can’t be understated. Once you see what’s working in the automation, you know what you should focus more on (and use the new found data to shape your one-off emails).

If fear of rejection from your email list is holding you back, remember that if you don’t have any email campaigns going, your open rate is 0%. A well targeted and timely email series can have about a 35% open rate. Better to be in front of customers and leads than forgotten by them.

Don’t fear rejection. If you don’t have any email campaigns going, your open & engagement rate is 0%.

Take time today to step back and think about how your business and your customers could benefit from a good automated campaign. Some quick ideas for automated email campaigns:

  • Abandoned Cart Follow Up
  • First Purchase Follow Up
  • Welcome Series
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Product Follow Up

Get more business and build a stronger relationship with your customers, so they get to know you better and have their days enriched by you. If you want to learn more about setting up an automated email campaign, give us a holler or sign up for our free email course.